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Wali Automated Campaigns

A challenge that many business owners face is finding the resources and time to devote to marketing optimization. With automated campaigns from Wali, this is no longer a challenge. We provide you with the resources you need to continuously improve your conversion rate through standardized methods that adapt to your specific business needs.


Brand Awareness

You’re not just building a business--you need to build a brand. Our automated solutions help to strengthen your brand image with your customers and the industry as a whole.

Audience Expansion

Our automated campaigns help identify key data points within your customer base that allow you to expand your offerings and cater to a wider audience. This robust audience expansion is part of what helps sustain your business for years.

Boosted Conversion

We care not only how many customers you attract, but how often you convert them into loyal customers. Our automated proprietary conversion system helps to continuously improve conversion.


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Unlock Growth With In-Depth Consumer Insights

Our automation platform and robust reporting dashboard allow you to have access to advanced analytics that tell a story about your brand, products, and customers.


Leverage Power of Influencers and Customers

Your influencers and customers love your brand. Wali will ensure they spread the word about your brand with their followers on their favorite channels. Furthermore, Wali can automatically detect and inform you about undiscovered channels with new audiences.


Unlimited Engagement Campaigns

Our pre-designed engagement workflow empowers you to scale your potential customer base and scope. Wali allows you the capability to host multiple engagement analysis campaigns simultaneously. New streams will flow into your customer funnel continuously.


Boost Your Customer Conversion

Leverage your loyal customers and influencers for targeted audiences. This opens up multiple revenue pipelines aside from your own online properties and popular retailers.

Platform Snapshots

Don’t just take our word for it--check out some snapshots from our product dashboard and see how our automated solution can help you move forward.


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