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Decrease User Acquisition Cost Drastically

Whether consumers are seeking entertainment or help with performing a certain task, Wali puts your brand at the front of the pack. Wali campaigns are built with proven, time-tested tactics to spread your message and bring value to your audience.



Brand and product awareness is a major component of success. Spread the word about your application and get more downloads.


Build a constant stream of feedback coming in to provide you with direction and insight.


Customer relationship building - your own private community at your disposal.


Making your Ideas, Objectives, Kpis possible

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continues getting users years after you go live

Automating success using proven strategies

Wali is the unique combination of traditional metrics and automation. We provide technology that makes the process of optimizing campaigns and interactions while maintaining the quality and integrity of the metrics that are most important to you.


Expand your media list with bloggers and influencers

Show the world the novelty and value of your app. With an intuitive one-click partnership campaign, Wali will help you spread your disruptive value proposition to attract the right bloggers for your app.


Crowdsource-Repost Testimonials at One Click

Have you ever hoped that you could achieve a constant stream of feedback and reviews for your application? Enable more positive user feedback in the App Store for iOS and Android users, leading to increased downloads. Crowdsourced testimonial campaigns gather authenticated and valuable user feedback across all channels.


Bonding with users in your online community

The best and most successful projects have a devoted community. We help your application build a robust community around it that creates true impact in your industry. Establish a loyal base of customers with Wali. UGC, feedback, and partnership all give users a reason to be your brand ambassador.

Product Snapshots

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Top App Reviewer


KPI driven campaign


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